Kardamyli One of the Mani's most popular coastal resorts, a picturesque village with beautiful local tavernas, modern cafe neon's. Gift shops boutiques and all surrounded by crystal blue coastline. Ritsa Beach Kardamyli Beautiful, crystal blue sea with a white pebble beach as far as the eye can sea. Relax and enjoy lunch among the olive groves in Elies Taverna beach s far as the eye can see Kalamitsi Beach side settlement , located near Kardamyli . The former British writer Patrick Le Femour's house is situated in this quite idyllic location. Kalamitsi is the perfect place to relax and swim in the clear blue water. Stoupa Cosmopolitan seaside village. Although newly built, it has evolved quickly into a popular tourist destination. Guests enjoy the two nearby beautiful sandy beaches, the natural environment and the vibrant nightlife. Agios Nikolaos Classic Greek fishing village. Picturesque streets and buildings surround the harbor, where can watch the early morning fisherman bring in their catch and buy some fresh fish. There is a wide range of tavernas in the village serving all kinds of traditional Greek food. Agios Dimitrios Small, picturesque fishing village. Located in the site of ancient Pefnos, with its rocky island. Here anchored Paris of Troy his ships, when he stole the beautiful Helen. In the islet were born according to the legend, the Dioscuri, twin sons of Zeus, heroes and brothers of Helen. Trachila Traditional fishing village. It is connected with mountain villages and settlements via trails, since it was a commercial port and a sea transport hub. Within walking distance from it are to be found several free, beautiful, rocky beaches. Picturesque fishing village. Surrounded by dense vegetation with olive trees and gardens, it has a quiet beach, although it is located only 12 km away from the city of Kalamata. Green waters, smooth pebbles and small coves make up its special beauty. Kitries