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€ 280,000.00

330 m² Stone Tower4 En- Suites
348.36 m² Plot2 Toilets
207.58 Yard SpaceUtlity Rooom
Dining RoomFireplace
KitchenOil Central Heating
3 ReceptionsGarden/Terraces
5 BedroomsIn the Village

 1850 Historic Listed Stone House

In the Centre of the Village

For Sale

Only fifty meters from the village square, you will find a fairytale tower house. It was built in the first years after the revolution to house this most important village family. The building was completed in 1850 when the dangers of war had substantially diminished but had not completely gone away. The need for safety resulted in the building of ‘tower houses’ which were the transitional phase of traditional Mani towers built before 1800 to the usual square house that we know today.
The courtyard of the house was also a secure area with very high walls and a large safety door leading out to the village road. When the house was first occupied the ground floor was used as a stable, the middle floor as a storage area for dry food and the upper floor as the family living area.

The house was restored by its present owners ten years ago. With a lot of hard work but most importantly with love of tradition they have maintained the character of the house, modernizing only where necessary. The result is amazing.

The ground floor has been transformed into an independent flat with access both from the road and the courtyard. The floor, which was of mud, was re-covered using old materials so as not to interfere with the traditional construction of the rest of the house. This flooring  has also been extended into the courtyard  which has built- in  seating made from old marble steps and white Pendeliko marble. In the ground floor sitting-room there is an antique, wooden sofa, a table made from an old door from Ipirous, a large kneading bowl from the last century and a wonderful armchair dating back to 1750. The ‘tunnel,’which before led to the tower,is today used as a large sitting/kitchen area.This area gives the feeling of warmth with the long, narrow walnut-wood table, the giant sofa, the simple Athenian wardrobe of 1800 and the dresser which came from Constantinopoli in 1917.
A staircase of Cypress wood leads one to the first floor which has been transformed into a suite, including a bathroom.
The belief in tradition and family values are obvious on the second floor which is the main living area of the house owner. The floors are covered with antique carpets from Ipirou. The furniture is from different Greek islands. Old embroideries from Thrace have been framed and now decorate the walls. The embroideries and ‘wreaths’ from all the original family members steal the scene  in this wonderful historic house .

This is a very special listing for us and has to be viewed to appreciate how special it is .

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