• Our minimum long term rental in the Summer season, April until the end of October, is 6 months, although most of our owners prefer a long term rental of at least a year.
  • Greekscape do not do holiday rentals i.e. anything less than 3 months.   We can do a minimum 3 month rental in the Winter Season from beginning November until the end of March if required.
  • Tenants need a Greek tax number if they are going to rent a property for more than 6 months.  Our accountant can help them with this.  This does not mean that they have to pay tax just that they are in the system.  One only has to pay tax if you earn a living here.  If they are going to rent for less than 6 months they do not need a Greek tax number unless they are going to buy a house or a car.
  • We usually ask tenants to pay 2 months deposit (as the bills come in every two months) and 1 month’s rent in advance.  We give this money to the landlord who then draws up a lease with his accountant.  It is up to the landlord to return the deposit at the end of the tenancy.  Greekscape can provide an English translation of a typical Greek rental agreement.
  • Greekscape do not manage the properties on our books so once the lease is drawn up and the deposit and 1st month’s rent have been  handed to the landlord the tenant has to deal with the landlord or the landlord’s representative, although of course, we are there for any emergencies.
  • There is no mains gas in Greece at the moment although a few properties have gas central heating which is provided by a large gas container which is placed in the ground.  The electricity bills and phone bills come every 2 months and have a date on them by which they have to be paid.  These can be paid at the post office or on line.  Most of our rental properties do not have central heating.  They usually have a log burning fire or a wood burning stove or electric radiators.  Fortunately, winter is Greece is quite short and usually not too cold compared to Northern Europe.
  • Most of our properties do not have swimming pools and most of the houses have a maximum of two bedrooms and some of them are quite basic.  As most of the local people here earn their living from holiday rentals in the summer, long term rental properties are at a premium i.e. demand outstrips supply.  Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to do a certain amount of work on the place yourself in order to bring it up to the standard you require.
  • The dates the properties are let until are stated on our website which is regularly updated as soon as new properties become available.  We usually know 2 or 3 months in advance whether a tenant will renew their lease.   It is therefore impractical to book a long term rental a year or even 6 months in advance.
  •  If someone expresses an interest in renting one of the properties on our books they are required to fill in our Tenant’s Profile Form outlining their requirements.  This form explains our terms and conditions and helps us to ascertain their needs.