• Once you have registered your property with us we will of course do our best to sell it!There are several ways we market and advertize your property.
  • We have an ongoing database of International clientele, some of whom have been looking for the right property for several years. This has enabled us to build up a good relationship with them during their search for the perfect home. From our database we try to match our clients to any new properties which are registered with us and we are pro-active during the year in searching out new properties which match their criteria.
  • Our website which is regularly updated, brings in our main customer flow and of course our office in the center of Kardamyli attracts a steady stream of Investors particularly during the summer months.
  • We work with a French owned Real Estate agent in Athens as more Athenians are looking to buy in the area especially since the completion of the new motorway from Athens to Kalamata which has very much reduced the travelling time.
  • We are also the main contact in the area for an Overseas Property agency based in the United Kingdom.
  • This year we will also be adding Right Move International to our advertizing portals.
  • We also advertize in local magazines and every year we run a postcard campaign locally.  We find that concentrating our marketing efforts locally and through our website gives us the best opportunity to sell properties in the area.
  • The last years have been difficult for the Real Estate market in Greece but 2016 and 2017 have seen an upturn in the market and all the signs for 2018 are already looking good.  Several sales are in the process of being completed and appointments are being made for the start of the season with serious buyers who have the funds for the right property.
  • Help us to help you to sell your property
  • Research has shown that buyers make a decision about a property after the first 14 seconds.  It is therefore essential that your property makes a good first impression.  Where possible we make appointments in advance by email with our clients and we aim to give you as much notice as we can regarding viewings.  However, due to the nature of some of our clientele who are usually on holiday (or walk-ins) sometimes viewings can be at short notice. Also, sometimes potential buyers will realize that a property that they have chosen to view on the website is not suitable, for whatever reason, when it comes to their visit.  In which case we also aim to inform our vendors that a viewing will not take place.  However, sometimes inadvertently this may not happen in which case instead of sitting at home waiting and getting annoyed, it is easier to phone our office (or mobiles) to confirm that the viewing will actually be taking place.  Also, like the gas board we cannot always tell how long each viewing will take and can only give an approximation of the viewing time. Again, we do not mind a phone call checking to see how we are progressing.  We appreciate that these things can sometimes make it difficult for our vendors but our aim is to keep frustration to a minimum whilst working to sell your property.
  • A few  base line suggestions.
  • Try and keep clutter to a minimum even if it means throwing it all in the drawers and cupboards before we arrive.  Keep the property as clean and tidy as possible.
  • Try and keep doorways, entrances and gardens clear.
  • Open up the windows and shutters to let air and light into the property. If you have dim lighting invest in some brighter bulbs.
  • Put dogs away especially if they are big dogs. Not everyone thinks little Fido wouldn’t hurt a fly and some prospective buyers are nervous of dogs.
  • Don’t try and oversell your property. You can of course emphasize the positive aspects of living in Greece.
  • Allow the prospective buyers to walk around independently but be ready to answer any practical questions they may have.
  •  Be friendly and do not mention the war –any war!

Finally, we will try and give you feedback from potential buyers as soon as possible after the visit.  However, sometimes due to pressure of work we cannot always do this.  We are aiming to get a system in place this year which will allow us to do this more effectively.   However, again please feel free to phone our office or our mobiles should you require some feedback or suggestions or advice on how a visit went or how you could help to improve the experience.